The Aim

The benefits of our partner network

As a member of the successful Häfele Partner program, you will benefit from our powerful brand identity and a product range of the highest quality. With numerous shops in over 50 countries, our partner network is now undergoing dynamic growth. It‘s a great time for you to take advantage of all it has to offer, from successful customer acquisition to professional customer loyalty initiatives. All customised to your market positioning and profile.

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Your Gateway to Success

Showcase and sell the high-quality Häfele product range in your own shop. We provide support to you, as our partner, in everything to do with opening and running the shop, as well as special promotions.

Develop your business

Being a Häfele Partner opens more opportunities for growth, not only in turnover but in the expertise of you and your business. The value that comes with being a Häfele Partner can benefit your business in the future.

Create brand awareness

Using the power of the Häfele brand alongside yours, we want to grow your brand and reputation in your market. Nearly 100 years of Häfele, combined with 10 years of strong growth in the retail sector, makes Häfele the perfect Trade Partner.